4935 Raleigh Road Parkway West
Wilson, NC 27896
Phone (252)265-9920 Fax (252)234-9918

Hours of Operation: Weeknights 6pm-8am / Weekends 24 hours / Holidays 24 hours

ECVETS is an after hours emergency and critical care veterinary hospital located in Wilson, NC. 
We work with over 30 general practice veterinarians in the Eastern Carolina region.  We are here to serve you and your furry family members when your regular veterinarian is closed, including late nights, early mornings, weekends and holidays.  We work closely with your regular veterinarian and strive to be an extension of the great service they provide you and your pets.

Our hospital is staffed with compassionate veterinarians and staff with extensive training and experience in emergency and critical care. We are well equipped and ready to help your pets with everything from minor injuries to severe trauma and acute sickness. 

For any follow-up care needed, pets are discharged to their regular veterinarian  the next morning or on Monday morning if the emergency occurred over the weekend. ECVETS provides your regular veterinarian a complete report on the treatment your pet received as well as its medical status and needs. 



     What to do in an Emergency:

      1. Remain Calm.
      2. Call your Veterinarian.
        If they are not available, call us.
      3. Be Careful. Even loving pets may
        bite when injured or scared.